NEW CM-10 TRANSMITTER: For a wireless house!
The new CM-10 FM transmitter brings the legendary Decade sound quality in a new consumer grade product especially designed for in-house or small rooms broadcasting.
NEW CM-10 TRANSMITTER: For a wireless house!


The Decade MS-100s is a great sounding transmitter which would probably be of interested for users seeking premium quality construction.
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The Decade MS-100 (mono) is, quite simply, the best Part 15 type transmitter I've used. Absolutely no hum, sounds great. Durable too, as I had one in a weatherproof box mounted just above a metal roof for several years, running 24/7, with absolutely no problems. They're a plug and play type of unit; Decade sells them trimmed for either the U.S. or Canadian markets - you set your frequency, plug it in, hook up audio, adjust the telescopic antenna length based on a chart Decade provides (to get the best performance at a given frequency), and you're cooking. I have an older one with a plastic case; the newer ones have metal cases. I have the one with RCA inputs only, but they can also come with balanced inputs.  If you do actually broadcast regularly, and can afford it, I'd go with the Decade; there are good reasons it costs more.
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Now Decade designed theirs to be the very best Part 15 transmitter ever.  I know the people at decade.  You will not do better than a Decade transmitter.

- Sean, retired Senior field Engineer for Raytheon/Advance Technologies and Research/NASA
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