NEW CM-10 TRANSMITTER: For a wireless house!
The new CM-10 FM transmitter brings the legendary Decade sound quality in a new consumer grade product especially designed for in-house or small rooms broadcasting.
NEW CM-10 TRANSMITTER: For a wireless house!


The CM-10 is a consumer grade low power FM transmitter operating in the commercial FM band (88.1 - 107.5 MHz). It is especially designed for in-house broadcasting, gyms and fitness centres and small rooms for a variety of entertainment, hearing assistance, translation, and information applications.  Its excellent RF and audio performances, small size and ease of use make the CM-10 stand out from all the other consumer grade FM transmitters on the market.  

Front view
Back view
Download manual
Download manual


User programmable frequency (up/down push-buttons)
LCD display of frequency;
No manual tuning required;
Works with standard FM receivers;
Coverage of 75 feet or more with portable FM receivers;
Hi-Fi audio;
1 stereo line input and 1 microphone input with 4.5 VDC phantom power;
Independant volume control for each input;
Stereo 1/8'' audio input connector;
FCC part 15 and Industry Canada Bets-1 & RSS-210 certified;
Black anodized brushed aluminum cabinet;
1 year warranty.


Modulation :  FM, 75 kHz deviation
Frequency selection :  88.1 - 107.5 MHz
Frequency tolerance :  0.005% max.
RF power :  250 V/m@3m (FCC Part 15 and IC RSS-210), 100 μV/m@30m (IC BETS-1)  
Spurious rejection :  35 dB min.
Frequency response :  20 - 15 kHz (line input)
Harmonic distortion :  0.5% max.
Signal-to-noise ratio :  :  55 dB min., 60 dB typ.
Stereo separation :  30 dB min., 35 dB typ.
Audio input connector :  stereo 1/8''
Power supply : 115 VAC in, 12 VDC out
Dimensions : 3.50" W x 5.75" D x 2.00" H
Weight : 2 lb. (total)
Accessory :  6 feet audio cable with 1/8'' stereo plug to 2 RCA plugs

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