NEW CM-10 TRANSMITTER: For a wireless house!
The new CM-10 FM transmitter brings the legendary Decade sound quality in a new consumer grade product especially designed for in-house or small rooms broadcasting.
NEW CM-10 TRANSMITTER: For a wireless house!

Churches and Entertainment Halls
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High-fidelity sound for the ultimate immersive experience
Offer absolute comfort to your audience: high-fidelity sound transmitted directly to their portable FM receiver, giving them the ultimate immersion experience. You invest considerable amounts of money to offer optimal image or viewing experience to your clients. Now you can offer the same level of quality in your sound by choosing Decade transmitters and their unequalled high-fidelity FM transmission technology.


Cineplex-Odeon uses Decade transmitters to broadcast the sound content of a movie inside a theatre. The audio output from the projector sound processor is linked to the Decade transmitter and movie spectators are encouraged to bring their own FM walkman for private listening during the movie projection. Not being bothered by next seat noisy neighbours, the spectator will experience a tremendous sonic enhancement, being able to hear all the small details that are impossible to distinguish from the house speakers. The full stereo spectrum is always perfect no matter where the spectator is located inside the theatre. Hearing impaired people will also benefit from such a concept. Multi lingual applications are also possible due to the new DTS technology.

A list of high schools all over Canada are currently using Decade transmitters to broadcast their own radio programs inside their building. The audio content is FM broadcast inside the school building (no more disco speakers required) and students are receiving the signal with their own portable FM receiver (mp3 player).Private listening of the radio will free the students from noisy environments (cafeteria, public places due mostly to the decibel war caused by the speakers versus students shouting to overpass loud music).

Several Decade transmitters can be used inside of a building or conference room to translate the native language into different languages. Each translator is equipped with a microphone, linked to an MS-100 or LX-75 transmitter programmed to a specific FM frequency that patrons can receive on their personal FM Walkman. Perfect for conferences or international meetings.

All over the world, Decade transmitters are used to broadcast the religious content of a celebration (mass, wedding, funeral) either inside the church building or outside. With the RF power of the transmitter lowered to cover inside the church area, hearing impaired people with the help of their own portable FM receiver are able to listen to the content of the celebration with crystal clear sound without suffering from natural reverberation and echoes in the hall. Numerous hearing impaired people are going back to church due to the new concept. When the transmitter is installed to broadcast outside the building, people that cannot attend the celebration are able to pickup the signal in their home with their FM receiver and participate to the celebration.
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